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Beyond the Expectations

Learning to Obey

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The gap between what is expected in life and what is realized is what is called the "misery index," and this young lady has developed quite an index. Because we frequently base our lives on what we understand, hope for, and dream about, we are often disappointed in what really happens or what is actually delivered. We expect certain results from our actions, so we work the plan we have while we make a better plan. This would be well and good in a situation in which we were actually the ones who controlled all the variables-but we do not control all the variables. In fact, there is much more that we do not control than we do control. There is a great deal that we need to understand that we do not and cannot understand.

Many people today live miserable lives because they have a huge misery index to deal with. They have a false understanding of God, a false understanding of love, a false understanding of blessing, a false understanding of friendship . . . and they are totally lost when it comes to purpose. In fact, those who are most miserable are those who spend their lives in the context of their own understanding. Our understanding of life, circumstances, and purpose is quite limited. We need to be intimate enough with God to actually know that His love for us has been demonstrated, and will be demonstrated in a way that is consistent with His character.

Satan will take the opposite approach, trying to put us into a tailspin of self-pity that is fueled by our false and unfounded expectations. He accomplishes most of his evil work by encouraging us to view life through the lens of our own understanding, feelings, plans, and purposes.