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Beyond the Resistance PDF

Learning to Face Adveristy

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Satan's greatest weapon in the war against humankind is deception. Because he is older than we are and smarter than we are, he often uses his experience and know-how to encourage us to adamantly believe that we are going in the right direction when in fact we are headed down a path toward destruction. Each of us, no matter how disciplined, has a tendency to lie to ourselves; to not see clearly what is really going on; to spin facts and details to match our own (limited) understanding; to think that we are headed north when we are really going south.

What an intimate warrior must do is meet with our King on a regular basis and learn to accept and apply what He says, for He alone cannot and will not be fooled. God alone is our "true north"; all other directions in life can and ultimately must be evaluated by His absolutes. In short, we must move beyond the compass and make God the only direction and goal in our lives.