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Courageous Faith

Discover the seven keys to living courageously in life's adventures.

Imagine how different your life would be if you were absolutely convinced God's Word is true. As believers, we have the power of the Almighty Living God dwelling inside of us: the power to move mountains, slay giants and walk on the water. And yet in our everyday lives, we tiptoe cautiously around His promises, when we could be boldly and courageously standing on the Word and living the victorious life available to all His children. Our God invites us to believe with life-altering conviction that He is big enough to be trusted with every moment of our lives. As you study God's word through Courageous Faith, you will be encouraged to refuse old ways of living and courageously step out each day with fresh eyes of faith.

What People are Saying

I have done Kelly's study three times now with different women. Each time the study has touched me in a new way and revealed new insights and direct messages from God uniquely for me. Kelly's story of complete surrender to the Lord's sovereignty is a message every woman needs to hear. Her journey of faithfulness continues to inspire me in my daily walk with our Savior. I recommend this study to any woman who has struggled, who has questioned, who wants to grow in their relationship with the Lord and any who want to live life to the fullest as Jesus has called. Be challenged to live out courageous faith!

Marjorie Arnot

Courageous Faith was a Bible Study that changed my life. It changed the way I approach the uncertainty of day to day life. While we are uncertain of our circumstances, Kelly teaches that we can be certain of a God who is moving on our behalf.

Stacie Snell