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Crossfire: The Life of Chuck Svoboda, A Foot Soldier in God's Army

The Life of Chuck Svoboda, A Foot Soldier in God's Army

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Growing up is hard enough, but growing up in Cicero during the Roaring Twenties posed a special challenge.Bootleggers were everywhere and gangland activity was heavy


It has been said that war is hell. Most of the men who served at Anzio would certainly agree. These scared young men far from their home occupied their foxholes and trenches for four months! They would exist on cold K rations, when they could be distributed, usually by being thrown into the holes in the dark of night. Chuck recalled many times when he was hit on the head by supplies thrown into his hole in the dark. One ate if and when it came. Water was in short supply. When it rained, they caught fresh water in their helmets and filled their canteens. As Chuck would tell the story many years later, Don't ask about bathing or bathroom facilities! Each man was allowed to fill his helmet with water for bathing once a week.


A review of Chuck's travel engagements during this year and the task of starting four Bible churches simultaneously reveals an amazing tally:

  • Fifty-three speaking engagements in Waterman—60 miles from Cicero
  • Twenty-seven speaking engagements in Park Forest—25 miles from Cicero
  • Six speaking engagements in Dallas City—250 miles each way
  • Twenty-three speaking engagements in Fox Valley—25 miles each way

The travel to these newly planted churches alone would be difficult in itself, but when one looks at Chuck's itinerary for the rest of the year, the mileage appears even more formidable. In addition to church-planting trips, he also spent 2 weeks with youth at Camp Shagbark; 14 days at Bethany Chapel in Three Rivers, Michigan; 2 Sundays at East White Oak Bible Church in Normal, Illinois; 5 days at Pekin Bible Church (Pekin, Illinois); and Labor Day weekend at Cedar Lake Bible Camp, Indiana. The rest of his schedule was filled up with engagements such as Cicero Bible Church services and the Fishermen's Club; Glenwood Bible Church in Glenwood, Illinois; River Grove Bible Church in River Grove, Illinois; Bayview Beach Bible Church on Chicago's South Side; Bethel Memorial Church in Princeton, Indiana; Lake City Bible Church in Lovington, Illinois; Cass Community Church in Downers Grove, Illinois; Cragin Mission Covenant Church in Chicago; Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago; Grace Gospel Chapel in Chicago; and Central Bible Church in Aurora, Illinois. A look back clearly shows that 1957 was one very busy, productive year!