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Growing Up Yanomamo Today

By Faith, Not By Sight

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Although it is true that we don't know what the future holds here in Venezuela, we do know who holds the future. We struggle to find the most basic of items, like milk, sugar, coffee, any kind of soap or shampoo, and even bathroom tissue, not to mention bottled gas for cooking, gasoline for our outboards, and diesel for our generator. But in spite of this, we continue to see Christ building His Church as He promised. During one of our early morning prayer and Bible study times, we opened up the meeting for general sharing. I was surprised to see Freddy stand up. As a matter of fact, when Freddy started coming to the class, about a month earlier, I could not believe my eyes.

This is a man who, although he had grown up in Cosh under the influence of the Gospel his whole life, had never showed any interest in spiritual things at all. When he was a teenager, he had been bitten by a large bushmaster [snake] and almost died. My sisters worked with him for months, doctoring his leg and never giving up even when it seemed his leg would have to come off because it was so infected. His leg stank so badly that it was difficult even to be near him, let alone work on him, but God healed him. Although he lost some toes, he regained full use of his leg-and yet he still wanted nothing to do with the God who had healed him.

That's why I was so surprised to see him stand up, and even more surprised when he quietly gave his heart and life to the Lord. He told how, in spite of all his resistance, God had continued to work in his heart and he was finally giving his life to Him. He asked us all to pray for him so that he would truly live for the Lord. He was someone I never thought would become a Christian. Praise the Lord with us!