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Life Before Death: A Restored, Regenerated, and Renewed Life

A Restored, Regenerated, and Renewed Life

Ian Leitch

Ian Leitch is an evangelist with The Heralds Trust, Scotland. Shortly after marrying his wife, Morag, in 1964, Ian went to the United States to study at Moody Bible Institute in 1966. After three years of study and pastoring Fairfield Avenue Baptist Church in Chicago, the Leitches returned to Scotland in the autumn of 1969, so that Ian could take up work as evangelist with The Heralds; The Heralds Trust was formed in 1970.

For the past thirty-eight years, Ian has been evangelist and Bible teacher with The Heralds Trust, traveling extensively in the United Kingdom, North America (more than 150 visits), Europe, Haiti, India, and Guatemala. Over the past thirty-two years, Ian has pioneered a traveling Bible school called the "New Life" seminars. These week-long seminars run Monday to Friday, each evening. More than 9,000 people have attended these seminars.

Ian has worked closely with Luis Palau, Moody Bible Institute, and Baptist Union of Scotland. He has spoken at Filey Convention, England; the Baptist General Conference youth, Wheaton, Illinois; Youth Convention, Fellowship Baptists of Canada, Niagara Falls; Baptist Youth World Conference; and many other conferences, including Moody Keswick, Florida; Maranatha, Michigan; Winona Lake, Indiana; Cannon Beach, Oregon; Muskoka Baptist Conference, Elim Lodge, and Fair Havens in Canada; and Spring Harvest, Scotland.

Another side of Ian's ministry has been teaching apologetics at Scottish Baptist College and Capernwray Bible Schools, as well as teaching the New Life seminars in Albania, India, and Romania.

Ian's unique personality and pulpit style appeal to people of all ages, and his enthusiasm for the gospel and godliness are contagious. He is committed to the inerrancy of Scripture: on that basis his faith is built and his work is determined. His heart is that of an evangelist. He is never happier than when he is presenting the gospel, whether in a cathedral, a university, a house group, or the open air. In fact, over the years Ian has spoken at many schools, colleges, and universities in various countries.