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Mr. Awana: Over 60 Years of Impacting the World for Christ

Over 60 Years of Impacting the World for Christ

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As each day slips by in my life, I have become aware of something: time is irretrievable. Merrill E. Dunlap once said, "There is no way on earth to save time; all you can do is spend it." I can't change one iota of the past. It is sealed in God's record book forever. Whether the past week or year has been one of blessing or regrets, I cannot change it.

But I can do something about today, tomorrow, and the weeks that lie ahead. And that is to allow the Lord to direct my thoughts and my activities for His glory.

One of the main messages of this book is to demonstrate how God uses ordinary people. God is not dependent on our ability but on our availability, as we follow and obey Him and love Him. I was one of God's ordinary people with no ability to create the Awana program. He taught me from the very beginning the structure and the godly heartbeat that became Awana.