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Out of Debtors' Prison

A Roadmap for Debt-Free Living

21st century finds individuals, families, businesses, and even churches in debt at epidemic levels. Households who make up the church congregation are in debt over their heads, often the church leadership is as well. This is not God's will for His people and the church. Debt is a monster; it encumbers our future, and it has become a way of life. But the Scriptures tell us that :...the borrower becomes the lender's slave." Christians should be a light to culture and not enslaved financially like the rest of society.

We have been taught to buy now and pay later, and later we pay, and pay, and pay. The problem is that we have not been taught how to manage our finances without debt. This book provides guidelines to help you get out ofrom under the bondage of debt.

Abundant Freedom Ministries makes the strong statement: God wants you to have financial freedom. By following Scriptural Principles you can be debt-free within 24 months, and within seven years be debt-free including your home mortgage.