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The Supremacy of Christ: Satisfaction

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These letters contain many nuggets of wisdom for Bible doctrine, spiritual worship, devotional life, fruitful service, and practical Christian living. Study of them reveals much warning as to the source, progress, and catastrophe of sin in individual or collective Christian life. Christ is neglected in the first letter. This sin, never properly corrected, deepens and increases until Christ is seen in the seventh letter (Revelation 3:20) outside of the church collectively, dealing with the individual. What encouragement to individual overcomers is discovered in a study of that promised them in each letter! These letters call for continuous self-examination, cleansing, and separation regarding everything contrary to God's will, as revealed in His Word. They offer continuous encouragement, comfort, and edification to individuals and churches obedient to God's will as revealed in His Word. They set Christian responsibility, privilege, and obligation out for individual believers. While fearless in a description of existing conditions and fascinating as to announcement of future program, they solemnly suggest that judgment should always begin and ever continue in the house of God till Jesus comes (I Peter 4:17; I Corinthians 11:31). They are reasonable to the spiritually enabled ear. They offer spiritual edification and assure reward to the obedient. They warn the spiritually disobedient of chastening and judgment. How spiritually illuminating to list the characteristics mentioned which either please or displease Christ!