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The Supremacy of Christ: Saviour

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A storm brings to the water's surface many hidden things, some good and some terrible. Times of crisis do the same in a nation. Times of temptation and trial have the same effect in a life. The crucifixion of Jesus, as no other event, reveals the exceeding sinfulness of the human heart, thus of mankind. It brought to light other sin that lies dormant in man's fallen nature. A study of human actions in connection with the crucifixion of Jesus reveals sinful carelessness and indifference to spiritual light, gambling, crime, selfishness, covetousness, cruelty, murder, hardness of heart, unbelief, and rebellion toward God's salvation through Jesus Christ. What sinful curiosity, what shocking mockery of Christ, what foolish defiance and terrible blasphemy of God was manifested! Man's sin at its climax was rebuked by nature. The sun seemed to put on crepe and go into mourning by withdrawing its shining. For three hours, indescribable darkness covered the land.