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The Supremacy of Christ: Sufficient

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The Bible has been pictured as a ring and Chapter 8 of Romans as an invaluable stone upon that ring. Though often called the "Golden Chapter" of the Bible, I like to designate it the "Victory Chapter" of God's Word. It is a chapter of deliverance. This deliverance is always through Jesus Christ, who in John 14:6 declared Himself "the way, the truth, and the life," without Whom no man can come unto God. In Romans 8 He is the way of deliverance and victory. He is deliverance from darkness into light, from law bondage into grace liberty, from defeated natural life into triumphant spiritual life; the way from doubt into assurance, from gloom into joyful praise, from occupancy with self into occupancy with Christ, from delight in self into delight in Christ! Entering the chapter, one reads "No Condemnation." Thirty-nine verses then teem with reasons why everyone in Christ is delivered from all condemnation. At least twenty-seven assuring evidences are presented. As the chapter closes, one sees over them the comforting words "No Separation-All in Christ." Truly He, as God's Word states, is a saved one's "all, and in all" (Colossians 3:11).