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Yai Wanonabälewä

The Enemy God

Here in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain. Traveling in the spirit to an enemy’s village to loose your demons results in many deaths, and the reverence of your people. Shake has possession of many spirits, but the Spirit most feared by all Yanomamö, is one they call Yai Wanonabälewä – The Enemy God.

Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God gives voice to a group of indigenous people to relate their own dramatic story. The film tells the true story of a Yanomamö shaman and the supernatural struggle for the survival of his people. It is the result of a collaboration of storytellers and filmmakers from Belize, Venezuela, Canada, and the United States.

Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God began with a request from a group of indigenous Yanomamö (or Yanomami). They asked if we would help them to tell their version of the history of their communities in the Amazon. After years of violence and fear, they want to tell the world about the new ways of peace and hope that they have discovered for their people. It is the story of a significant group, led by a respected headman whose Spanish name is Bautista. Our promise to him and his community is that we will help them to bring their story to a wide audience. It is their story and no one else's. And it is true.

The Enemy God project is a multi-faceted initiative to raise awareness and involvement on behalf of indigenous people groups. Through The Enemy God project audiences will:

See the self-determined transformation of an indigenous culture while preserving and honoring their uniqueness in their Creator's eyes. This will be shown through a feature-length motion picture called, The Enemy God, and through the testimony of indigenous leaders.

  • Hear from and meet leaders from indigenous groups in the Amazon and other regions.
  • Discover opportunities to partner with indigenous groups through short & long-term service, training, and advocacy.
  • Partner with individuals an organizations dedicated to the empowering of indigenous groups all over the world.
  • What People are Saying

    Sabaoth Film Festival (Milan, Italy) - November 2008

    • Finalist: Best Feature Film

    International Latino Film Festival (San Francisco, USA) - November 2008

    Redemptive Film Festival (Virginia, USA) - November 2008

    • Winner: Redemptive Storyteller Award

    Arpa International Film Festival (Hollywood, USA) - October 2008

    • Winner: Best Director
    • Nominated for Best Feature Film
    • Nominated for Best Screenplay

    Great Lakes Independent Film Festival (Pennsylvania, USA) - September 2008

    • Nominated for Best Religious/Spiritual Film
    • Nominated for Best International-American Crossover Film

    Route 66 Film Festival (Illinois, USA) - September 2008

    Rome International Film Festival (Georgia, USA) - September 2008

    Talking Stick Film Festival (New Mexico, USA) - June 2008

    • Winner: Best Cinematography

    Breckenridge Festival of Film (Colorado, USA) - June 2008

    Swansea Life Film Festival (Swansea, Wales) - May/June 2008

    Brilliant Light International Film Festival (Hollywood, USA) - April 2008

    • Winner: Best International Film
    • Winner: Best Supernatural Film