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Three Secrets Writers Need to Know Before, During, and After Writing Their Manuscript - Secret #3 Marketing

So you're a writer. The journey from your manuscript or even a thought of a manuscript to completed published work appears to be a black hole of information, missteps, and faulty direction. Anne Fenske can help you bridge that gap by providing information gained by years of experience.

Small workshop sizes ensure focused attention on your needs as you explore the secrets.
This workshop focuses on Marketing.
Other workshop target Audience and Publishing Options.

What others are saying about this seminar: "You have motivated me to take action." "Wonderful explanations that simplified a scary step." "Very helpful. It definitely motivated and encouraged me to stay the course."

What People are Saying

As a new author, I really had no idea all the steps in the publishing process. Anne patiently guided me through each phase and facilitated my huge learning curve. I finished my materials in record time with Anne's help. I couldn't have done it without her expertise and positive attitude.
Alice Greiner, Author and President of The Write Tools

I am honored and privileged to work with Anne Fenske in the publishing and marketing of my Human Relations related books and consulting/training services. In my 53 years of professional experience, I have known hundreds of emotionally intelligent professionals whose character, contagious enthusiasm, leadership, consulting effectiveness, and friendliness were exceptional; none more so than Anne Fenske. I am cautious about my endorsements but I gladly recommend Anne Fenske for small business systems and author/publishing consulting services to anyone or any organization who might consider contracting for her services. I would welcome inquiries at Thedukingtons@aol.com about Anne's services on my behalf.
Duke Nielsen, Author and HR Consultant

Anne Fenske is more than a publisher, she's a passionate crusader for compelling stories and their inspirational authors. She has the experience to understand and promote the written word with warmth, dignity and integrity with the enthusiasm and energy of a tireless explorer. Anne is the kind of publisher who "rings loud" the literary bell for the artists she represents with the eagerness of a proud parent and the vision of a seasoned professional. Anne is an independent, thorough thinker...truly a "breath of fresh air" in the dusty world of publishing.
Tom Kimball is a producer, director, actor, author, and founder of Kimball Productions, specializing in film, television and theatre productions. You can reach him at tom@kimballpro.com.

She's got it. The knack of keeping novices like me on schedule when I was assigned the job of branding for our company's first set of new materials. Her suggestions, resources and creativity helped to set the path for getting the job done in the same time frame as writing the materials.
Kris Sander